A great big HOWDY to you!

Our mission is to share with you the absolute best and fastest way to prepare beef, chicken and
seafood.  Our products “taste so good you'll have 'em begging for more.”

Seaonings are our secret.  DAN & BUCKS can trace its humble history back through several
generations of backyard BBQing and grillin’.  Our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers
have been practicing the fine art of dry rubbing for over a hundred years.  Dan’s great, great uncle
used dry rubs while preparing grub and keeping Texas safe as a Texas Ranger in the late 1800s.  
While our products may be new to you, suffice it to say that our family has been working on them for
quite a while.  We decided to take the next step out of our backyards and into your kitchen so
others could enjoy the products our family has been enjoying for generations.  So we gathered all
of our family recipes for rubs and marinades and tried to narrow them down to about a dozen
delicious flavors in a dry rub format.

We're darn proud to say “We done it!”


Most traditional marinades are filled with sugars that taste sweet but are not good for you
nutritionally, and they usually require hours of preparation.  Most other seasonings and the few
rubs that are available on the market today contain very high salt and sugar levels, as well as other
less desirable ingredients.  DAN & BUCK’S products for the most part sugar free and contain only
as much salt as is necessary.  Each of our 5 flavors is good on just about everything, and best of all
they each only take 1 minute!

We hope you enjoy them and welcome your

1 Minute DRY RUBS