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Blackened Steaks DAN AND BUCK'S Style

Use any of these DAN & BUCK’S Seasonings depending on your flavor preference:

Cajun Blackened
Cajun Butter
Jalapeno Steak Butter

Other ingredients or items
•        Lots of clarified butter (melted/drawn )
•        You can also use any steak you like but this cooking method will tend to make the steaks rare if they are really thick so you may choose to butterfly them if they are thick fillets and wish them to be more well done. Beef, in thin (less than 1/2 inch) steaks work best. You can buy rump roast and cut into 1 1/2+ inch slices and pound it down to 1/2 inch thick. It is also marinade the meat for a few days
in 1/2 and 1/2 or cream and sliced onions. Do not use a vinegar based marinade! If you use the nicer cuts of meats you really do not need to marinade them. Cast iron skillet and a very very hot heat source.

Heat up skillet. Remove any remaining bits from the marinade and pat meat dry. Put a good heap of the DAN & BUCK’S seasoning of your choice on a plate. Brush top of meat with the butter and place face down in spice powder. Brush the other side and flip. Ladle some clarified butter into the middle of the red hot skillet. Immediately drop the steak in. Don't breath the smoke or get it in your eyes as the
spices may sting! These will cook very fast so in a minute or 2, pick up the steak out of the pan, ladle in more butter and flip. Beware of over cooking. Repeat with the other steaks