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The Dan and Buck's Story

Dan Walton founder of DAN & BUCK’S grew up in Houston, Texas watching his father Judge Walton (affectionately known to all as The Judge) make some of the best food he ever tasted: barbeque chicken, smoked briskets, grilled burgers and grilled fish. The Judge did all this on a simple Webber kettle charcoal grill with his own seasonings.

DAN & BUCK’S was born out Dan’s desire to recreate those wonderful childhood memories of such delicious grilled and smoked flavor seasoning profiles as well as to develop new ones to share with others. At the time of the founding of DAN & BUCK’S in 2006 there were few dry rubs options available and not a wide selection of marinades. Dan began by mixing combinations of spices in his home kitchen and trying them on various protein items. Family and friends were very complimentary of his seasoning concoctions and thus DAN & BUCK’S was born. As we all know, since that time the market has flourished.

In 2008 Dan had to put his dreams on hold as economic necessity deemed that he use his time to grow another food company, but Dan worked hard to keep DAN & BUCK’s alive by filling orders at night after work and on weekends. The compliments from consumers and reorders from seafood and meat market customers kept him inspired to keep his dream alive until he could afford to do it full time. Dan is now working full time to fulfill his original dream of building a national specialty seasoning company.
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Dan Walton


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