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What people are sayin’ about DAN & BUCK’S Seafood and Meat Seasonings 

“I received my Jalapeño Steak Butter Dry rub within 2 days of placing the order. Good news and bad news - The good news is we were blown away at the delicious Jalapeño Steak Butter flavor of our steaks The bad news is my husband said we may never eat out again! I have already passed the email address on to many of my friends. Your new and delighted customer, "
- Lori of Florida

"This is my 2nd order. I tried the Cajun Butter on some St. Louis ribs and slow-cooked/smoked them on the grill-fantastic! One of the consumers asked that I cook some for her upcoming party!"
- Donna of Maryland

"I have used all the rubs now and love them and so do my friends and family. I recently purchased a chicken leg rack that holds 16 legs and then I put on the rubs and let them slow cook and they are so awesome. I used the rubs on steak, salmon, chicken and Tilapia so far and on my beer roasted whole chickens. Fabulous guys. I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks" - Tim of North Carolina

“WOW Big flavor please put me down as a repeat customer. I had to stop and ask the Lord for forgiveness after I tried some chicken with the various rubs. I bought two sets one for myself the other for my brother in law for his birthday. I was tempted to keep the other package and get him a key chain instead. Ha Ha But I sent the variety package to him and I will be ordering another package to keep as a back up. Like I said WOW.”
- Stephen in Texas

“Bought a sampler pack and wow, they are great!”
- Jo W in Ohio

“Ordered a variety pack for myself in April and have loved them so much I ordered these 2 packs for gifts for some family. I need them by Friday.”
- Tip in Oklahoma

“Ok, I tried the Cajun Butter ….. and kinda had fun with it. Scott loved it and it gave the chicken that extra kick we both like. In the food processor I combined 2 cups golden grams, 1 cup bread crumbs, ¼ vegetable oil, ¼ cup Cajun Butter.Then I cut 4 chicken breasts into strips, dipped them in flour, then in egg, then rolled in my Cjun Butter mixture and baked the chicken for 15 mins…..IT WAS VERY YUMMY : )” - Erin & Scott in Illinois

“We LOVE the Jalapeño Steak Butter we use it on all of our steaks, it makes the steaks so incredibly tasty and it only takes a few minutes...we also put it in our scrambled eggs and on top of our baked potatoes...Thank you for creating such a great rub...WE LOVE IT!!” - Pat & Jesse in California

"Growing up in Louisiana, I consider myself an expert in good seasonings, Dan & Buck's is the benchmark I use against everything out there on the market."
- Russell in Louisiana

“Tastes as good as the name sounds. I wouldn't put doves on the grill without it”
- Matt in Texas

“We bought the variety pack, and love them all! The spicy rubs aren't too hot, but add a lot of flavor! We've been experimenting on all types of meat, and are thrilled with the end results! Thank you Dan and Buck.........whoever you are!"
- Jana and Ed in California

"WOW!!!!!! We thought we had tried everything, but these are not to be beat, my hubby and I are hooked! many many thanks!"
- Kelly in New Jersey

“We love them all”
- Jimmy & Melinda in Texas

“Hey buddy just letting you know I used 3 of your rubs on ribs this weekend. Cajun Butter and Jalapeno Steak Butter and the Cajun Blackened they all came out great my wife likes the Cajun Butter the best I liked the Jalapeno Steak Butter the best. I did put the rub on for about 4hrs before grilling them. They were spare ribs. I smoked them for 5hrs on low heat 250 with oak wood. Last hr I put some Mike’s chilli honey on 1 rack. They taste so good it make a puppy dog pull a freight train thanks again for your rubs it brings family’s together to just enjoy great food god bless you and your family.”

“The shrimp I did with the Cajun Butter was amazing. That’s all I put on it and grilled it an everyone love it. We need to hang out and cook I do a lot of briskets and pork butts and ribs also thanks buddy let me know if you have new stuff coming out I keep on passing word about how good your stuff is God bless you and your family”
Sam in Texas